Queen of embers


Queen of Embers is going to be a fast-paced casino game you are going to love. It has numerous lines, five reels, and an impressive 243 different ways to build a winning combination. There may not be too many features that you'll discover, but don't worry, because the payouts are still going to satisfy most of the time. The game will be great when the wind blows right and the storms are calm. You will find yourself in a place of excitement very quickly.

As soon as you pull the lever and begin spinning the wheels, you're immediately greeted with a beautiful theme that makes you want to keep playing. Queen of embers is the first of it's kind online casino game and it's one of the hottest new themes available. The theme is spectacular with a grassy environment that is filled with over-sized mountains that seem to be climbing upwards towards your screen. This theme is very natural and soothing.

The base of the game is designed as the image of a volcano. To add more depth and color to the theme, you will see a variety of different images that are used throughout the site. To add some additional fun to the theme you will see many different luscious plants, ferns, and trees. The plants are in abundance and they really enhance the lava attraction.

A closer look at the base of the volcano will reveal the different animals that are living within the lava rock. There is a wide variety of different lizards and snakes that are portraying roaming about the surface of the lava. The king of all animals, Bats, is always ready to defend his home and land. One of the unique things about the game is that there are two different phases to this game that are featured on each of the two sides of the screen. Each phase is a completely new play set up that gives you an entire new experience.

The graphics in the game include moving targets and other graphical elements that give you the feeling that you really are experiencing the sights and sounds of your favorite television program “The Queen”. If you pay close attention you will see that the animals you see scampering around the screen are actually the birds from the television show. You can even see the fireballs explode and hear the creaking sounds of the slots as they hit the walls.

In the background of the screen you will notice many other graphical elements that also fit the theme of the game including a volcano symbol that is in the upper left portion of the screen. Another set of volcanic symbols can be found in the lower right area of the reels. Queen of Embers features a classic video slot design where all the icons are in a circular pattern. The icons change from time to display the current symbol that is being played on the reels. Some of the symbols are the same as the icons from previous versions but there are also new symbols that will make the game more fun and unique.

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