Dragon’s fire megaways


Dragon's Fire Megaway is an internet casino game offered by Red Tiger Gaming that offers up to 116,000-ways-to-play on each spin. It also features a growing multiplier and free-spin bonuses with a win bonus multiplying winnings up to 50x. In addition, this casino game has many other types of bonus including jackpot games, video screens and much more!

The game mechanics of the Dragon's Fire Megaway are easy to understand and play. You start in the bottom left corner of the reels by pulling the A button when you are on the winning sides. The winning icons will slowly appear and shift to the right as the icons get closer to the winning icons. Once the icons are out of position, they will disappear and the reel will move to the right again. This continues until all icons on the reel are in position for the winning icons. The game can be played one by one or in groups of two or more, where each player receives two pulls from the winning bonus icons.

Dragon's Fire Megaway has a progressive feature where jackpots increase with every pull. Players can also play a free spin feature in which they can pick one of the dragon icons to place on the reels. When picking a dragon, the same icon or ones in a row will have the same value. There are many different free spins in the game as well, which gives players a chance to try their luck on various casino slot machines. Some of these free spins include a slide, a double, a triple and a quad.

As you progress through the game, you will see that jackpots of more than $10k will be reached and these symbols will change color, so it will become harder to win. These symbols can change colors depending on the ones that were picked earlier in the game, so you will have to be very keen to see which symbol is being played. Some of these symbols include the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and the letter A through L. These letters stand for the single, double, triple and quad jackpot symbols. The amount of free spins available changes from time to time as well, so it will be important to keep an eye on which symbols are coming up.

In addition to playing the bonus games, this game can also be played on its own base game. This means that there are actually dragon icons that can be picked, and these will change depending on whether you are playing the bonus games or the main part of the game. You can change your dragon by picking new icons as well, and some of these symbols do not change unless you win a certain amount of money on the base game.

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